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Marlina Vera

About Me

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Painting for me is more than a need ... It's part of me. When I paint or write poetry I feel peace, freedom, love, joy, I am happy. This is what I want to manifest in my art. I need to do it daily, it is the nourishment to my spirit, it is a feeling an encounter with my inner self. A painting is the manifestation of a feeling, for that I often say that  "It's not me ... it's he who paints ... silent and restless slips between colors, tones and the aroma of oil... is my spirit who paints


The style that I like to use most is cubism and fauvism. I identify with these two styles because they give me freedom and spontaneity to create. I love to use bright, bold  and rich colors. Color is everything in nature, it's beauty, it's passion, it's life, and life itself is the greatest source of my inspiration.

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