Marlina Vera


September 05, 2019

Marlina! WOW! Paintings arrived today, perfect condition! They are just more amazing in person. I am honored to have been able to purchase these. Thank you so much! 

Tim S.

Lovers in Love

by Marlina Vera

August 06, 2019

Just received Marlina's mesmerizing painting, and I'm thrilled. She's so gifted.   10ironworks

Couple # 14

by Marlina Vera

January 01, 2020

triplecats on Feb 1, 2019

5 out of 5 stars    

Loving this painting, the cityscape design and the "all blue" theme which are always my favorite things. The texture of the paint upon the canvas is very nice, and it has been well framed upon the wooden canvas framing. Beautiful colors, it is very eye catching. Arrived promptly wrapped and packaged well. Could not be more pleased. triplecats

Walk in the City

by Marlina Vera

January 07, 2019

OMG OMG OMG!!! I have been looking at this painting for over a year in
year in Google Images. the color pallet is beautiful and The “Chef” is spectacular. So happy to have her in my house. Thank you ❤️

Randhall S.

The Chef

by Marlina Vera

November 28, 2018

Really neat painting with bright color. Great addition to our home!

Cooper B.

Mujer con Sombrero

by Marlina Vera

April 10, 2018

Beautiful and vibrant. This painting is thought provoking and peaceful.
The painting arrived quickly and in perfect condition.
The artist included a certificate of authenticity and signed the piece.
I'm very happy with every aspect of this transaction.
Thank you


Angels of Peace

by Marlina Vera

December 07, 2016

Beautiful vibrant little painting! Luv it! Seller could not have been nicer and more accommodating! Thanx so much, can't wait to get it back from the framer!👌🏼🙏🙋🏻🎄🌃🎁


Walk in the City

by Marlina Vera

January 23, 2018

Les couleurs pastel, les deux (ou trois?) visages qui peuvent se lire sur le tableau, la poésie qui se dégage du (des) portrait(s), tout cela est ravissant!


The Red Pen Writer

By Marlina Vera

August 17, 2015

I received my painting today, it took around 2 weeks to get to me in Australia and was packed very well. Opening it up and viewing it for the first time was like seeing a little jewel amongst all the packing. Very happy with my purchase...thanks Marlina!


Wine and Fruits #2

by Marlina Vera

May 13, 2015

This painting is extraordinary! What talent this lovely artist brings to the world - breathtaking!


Cat Lover #2

by Marlina Vera

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